Commit 8e63cf89 authored by flynn's avatar flynn

add more logs

parent a6185feb
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......@@ -39,8 +39,11 @@
(defroutes home-routes
(GET "/" req
(log/info "------")
(log/info (env :oauth-consumer-key))
(log/info (env :oauth-consumer-secret))
(log/info "key: " (env :oauth-consumer-key))
(log/info "secret: " (env :oauth-consumer-secret))
(log/info "host: " (env :app-host))
(log/info "token: " (env :access-token-uri))
(log/info "auth uri: " (env :authorize-uri))
(log/info "------")
(let [users (get-users)
relations (get-relations)
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