Commit db828547 authored by flynn's avatar flynn

more logs?

parent 517c2e53
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
rel-requests-out (seq (db/get-relation-requests-from-user {:from_id (:id user)}))
rel-requests-in (seq (db/get-relation-requests-to-user {:to_id (:id user)}))]
;(log/info (str "Session: " (:session req)))
(log/info (str "Session: " (:session req)))
;(log/info (str "Relation requests: \n OUTGOING: " rel-requests-out "\n INCOMING: " rel-requests-in))
;(log/info (str "User relations: " user-relations))
;(log/info (str "Other Users: " other_users))
......@@ -115,11 +115,16 @@
; STATUS ENUM: (open, accepted, rejected)
(POST "/request_relation" req
(let [data (:params req) [err result] (st/validate data request_relation-schema)]
(let [data (:params req)
[err result] (st/validate data request_relation-schema)
from-id (get-in req [:session :user :id])]
(if (nil? from-id) (response/found (error-page
{:status 400
:title "No user id found in session"})))
(log/info "Post to " (:uri req) "\n with data " result)
(if (nil? err)
(db/create-relation-request! {:from_id (get-in req [:session :user :id])
(db/create-relation-request! {:from_id from-id
:to_id (:to_id result)
:status "open"})
(response/found "/"))
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
(defn set-user! [user session redirect-url]
(log/info "Set user in session: " user)
(let [new-session (-> session
(assoc :user user)
(cond-> (contains? admins (:id user))
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