Commit 0a11bf00 authored by Sébastien Gonzalve's avatar Sébastien Gonzalve Committed by Arjan Spieard

Fix overlapping buffers.

For now we just ignore the read position of crossing buffer limits.
This is temporary (until write thread reaches the read position), and
simplifes the code logic.
parent 6df83afc
......@@ -89,12 +89,10 @@ void AudioBuffer::operator()(const std::int16_t *data, size_t count, int64_t sam
bool AudioBuffer::prepare(std::int64_t pos) {
if (pos < 0) pos = 0;
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> l(m_mutex, std::try_to_lock);
if (!l.owns_lock()) return false; // Didn't get lock, give up for now
if (eof(pos)) return true;
m_read_pos = pos;
// perform fake read to trigger any potential seek
if (!read(nullptr, 0, pos, 1)) return true;
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> l(m_mutex);
// Has enough been prebuffered already and is the requested position still within buffer
auto ring_size = static_cast<std::int64_t>(m_data.size());
return m_write_pos > m_read_pos + ring_size / 16 && m_write_pos <= m_read_pos + ring_size;
......@@ -120,10 +118,12 @@ bool AudioBuffer::read(float* begin, size_t samples, std::int64_t pos, float vol
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> l(m_mutex);
if (eof(pos) || m_quit)
if (eof(pos + samples) || m_quit)
return false;
if (pos >= m_read_pos + static_cast<std::int64_t>(m_data.size()) || pos < m_read_pos) {
// one cannot read more data than the size of buffer
samples = std::min(samples, m_data.size());
if (pos >= m_read_pos + static_cast<std::int64_t>(m_data.size() - samples) || pos < m_read_pos) {
// in case request position is not in the current possible range, we trigger a seek
// Note: m_write_pos is not checked on purpose: if pos is after
// m_write_pos, zeros present in buffer will be returned
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