Commit 59be8821 authored by Sébastien Gonzalve's avatar Sébastien Gonzalve Committed by Arjan Spieard

Fix missing initialization in PixFmt

parent d6e4385c
......@@ -144,11 +144,11 @@ Texture::~Texture() { ldr->remove(this); }
// Stuff for converting pix::Format into OpenGL enum values & other flags
namespace {
struct PixFmt {
PixFmt(): swap() {} // Required by std::map
PixFmt() = default;
PixFmt(GLenum f, GLenum t, bool s): format(f), type(t), swap(s) {}
GLenum format;
GLenum type;
bool swap; // Reverse byte order
GLenum format = GL_RGB;
bool swap = false; // Reverse byte order
struct PixFormats {
typedef std::map<pix::Format, PixFmt> Map;
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