Commit f5592f37 authored by midgard's avatar midgard

Improve wording

parent ae9dd17e
......@@ -79,15 +79,15 @@ for branchspec in "${branches[@]}"; do
if ! ref_exists "$follower_ref"; then
echo "Branch doesn't exist yet at remote, creating"
echo "Branch doesn't yet exist at remote, creating"
git reset --hard "$leader_sha" --
git push "$remote" "+HEAD:$branch" || { error "$remote $branch: failed to push"; continue; }
elif is_ref_at_sha "$follower_ref" "$leader_sha"; then
echo "Branch up to date"
echo "Already up to date"
echo "Branch existed at remote, updating"
echo "Branch exists at remote, updating"
git reset --hard "$follower_ref" --
git merge --ff-only "$leader_sha" || { error "$remote $branch: FF not possible"; continue; }
git push "$remote" "+HEAD:$branch" || { error "$remote $branch: failed to push"; continue; }
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