Historical resto data from the Hydra API.
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Hydra Resto Data

Historical resto data from the Hydra API.


This repo is automatically updated every time the scraper is run. New data will be pushed automatically by the scraper.


We seldom accept PRs for this repo: this is a data-only repository. Your PR is probably better suited for one of the other Hydra-related repos.

About the data

  • Data in the v2 format before March 1st, 2016 are reconstructed from the v1 format. As the v2 format has more details, e.g. the kind field, those fields might be wrong. They are provided on a best effort basis.
  • As of 5/09/2020, resto "Sint-Jansvest" has been removed from the scraper and no longer receives updates.
  • As of 18/10/2021, all locations use the same menu. Other locations won't be updated anymore. You should use nl now (as in the olden days).
  • At some point, locations did gain their own menu again, but not consistently, and depending on the period. Caution is warranted.