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Planetwars is a competitive programming game. You implement a bot that will be pitted against all other bots.

Try it out at https://planetwars.dev !

Current features:

  • write and publish a python bot in the demo web interface
  • develop a bot locally and publish it as a docker container
  • published bots will be ranked in the background

Creating a bot locally

For development, you can play a game with a locally running bot using planetwars-client.
Once you are happy with your bot, you can publish it to the planetwars server as a docker container.

  1. Register your bot. In order to publish a bot version, you first have to register a bot name. You can do this by navigating to your profile after logging in (click your name in the navbar).
  2. Bake your bot into a docker container. If you'd like to test whether your container works, you can try running it using planetwars-client by using docker run -it my-bot-tag as the run command.
  3. Log in to the planetwars docker registry: docker login registry.planetwars.dev
  4. Tag and push your bot to registry.planetwars.dev/my-bot-name:latest.
  5. Your bot should be up and running now! Feel free to play a game against it to test whether all is well. Shortly, your bot should appear in the rankings.


The repository contains these components:

  • planetwars-server: rust webserver
  • planetwars-matchrunner: code for running matches
  • planetwars-rules: implements the game rules
  • planetwars-client: for running your bot locally
  • web/pw-server: frontend
  • web/pw-visualizer: code for the visualizer