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Totaal Arbitrair BesturingsSysteem, Zeus maakt een besturingssysteem!

How to use

To compile, you need:

  • i686-elf-gcc for cross-compiling the kernel
  • A system gcc for compiling the host-helpers
  • nasm for compiling the bootloader
  • qemu-system-i386 for emulating (qemu-system-x86_64 will probably work too, but that is not directly supported)

More information about installing a cross compiler can be found here.

If you run make bin, it will generate target/boot.bin, this is a binary file layed out as described in the docs. To burn it on a USB drive, simply dd if=target/boot.bin of=/dev/sdb and the drive is bootable and contains an SFS filesystem with the files in filesystem/.

In case there are errors in the bootloader you can use make compile_kernel to only compile the kernel.

To run TABS in the qemu simulator run make run.


The bootloader is self-written, based on articles on the OSDev wiki. It's a single stage, ELF-loading bootloader in the most basic way possible.

More info in the docs


The kernel is based on the bare bones kernel from the OSDev wiki.


  • Terminal output (with newlines!)
  • Very basic (and probably broken) memory management
  • Interrupt handling
  • Keyboard input
  • Exception handling
  • Minimal shell
  • Filesystem interaction
    • Show files in directory
    • Read files in directory
    • Write files in directory
  • Tests
  • Running executables from filesystem
  • Better memory management
  • Better shell

As a test, I've implemented day 1 of advent of code on the AoC branch.