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Round amount of interested/admitted people in events
We round this number to avoid people not registering for an event
because the event is at max capacity and they would bump it to an
online event. We don't hide the number entirely in order to not
put off people when there aren't a lot of people interested/admitted.
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KeRS - Kelderregistratiesysteem


Install Python and virtualenv if not already available.

Choose between:

  • SQLite3 (easier to set up, works because we don't do advanced DB shizzlery or custom SQL yet)
  • MySQL/MariaDB (used in production, less chance of weird bugs due to compatibility problems between SQLite3 and MariaDB)

If you choose SQLite3, set the environment variable KERS_DB_BACKEND to sqlite3. To do so, you can add export KERS_DB_BACKEND=sqlite3 to your shell's init file (e.g. ~/.bashrc) and restart your shell.

If you choose MySQL/MariaDB, set up the server, and look in KeRS/settings.py for the possible environment variables you can set (e.g. DATABASE_NAME).

Set up the development environment:

python -m virtualenv venv
venv/bin/pip install -r requirements
make migrate

To run the development server: