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Midgard's dotfiles


Desktop showing nvim, screenfetch and ncmpcpp Desktop showing a single terminal, seamlessly blending with the bar Open Rofi launcher

When a CPU core is used, a graph for it appears. When the system temperature gets high, the temperature and fan speed are displayed. When RAM is running out, a warning is shown (not pictured).

Bar showing CPU and temperature indicators


The Arch Linux / Gentoo Linux packages to install are between parentheses.

Note that inclusion of a package here does not imply that I claim that it is safe. Exercise the usual due caution when dealing with AUR or overlay packages.

If you choose X:

If you choose Wayland:

Both X and Wayland:


You are encouraged to copy stuff you like to your own configuration files. If you want to copy my setup, you can use the script install.sh (that script is normally mostly for myself though).

Create a symlink to a background image in ~/.config/i3/background or ~/.config/sway/background, and to a lockscreen image in ~/.config/i3/background_lock or ~/.config/sway/background_lock.